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​​Global Ingredient Solutions, Inc. 

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We offer exclusive product lines with our in-house laboratory and source the finest ingredients in the industry. We offer kosher and organic certifications.  

About Us

USDA Organic

Excellent Customer Service


Honest and Ethical

We value our clients relationships and our reputation. We provide honest and ethical solutions through our knowledgeable and efficient staff. 

Qualified Sourcing

Global Ingredient Solutions strives to be the leading supplier for the Personal Care Industry by providing competitively sourced, high-quality, innovative ingredients, expert technical advice, current market insight, and devoted customer service. 

We value the well-earned strong relationships we have with our clients, and our reputation as an honest, ethical, and earth-friendly company.

Global Ingredient Solutions is eager to contribute to the success of our partners and help aggressively accelerate business growth through intensely focusing on the needs of our clients and working closely with them to assure successful projects. 

Our staff members are eager to contribute to your success and help accelerate your business growth to ensure successful projects. 

We offer earth-friendly and organic certified products and strive to always look for other natural alternatives in this ever changing industry. 

Our experienced customer service representatives and sales team are dedicated to saving you time with our synergistic approach tailoring each project to your business needs. 


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