Korean manufacturer of peptides for anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, and
brightening of the skin.

Unique texture, transforms from a fresh watery feel into a matte velvet veil
Surfactant free, cyclic free encapsulation technology
The benefits of Silicone in an aqueous formulation

Comforting and cushioning effect during application

Ultra moisturizing

Luxurious non greasy after feel

Botanical Alternatives

Essential Waters


Leader in the production of hyaluronan of all levels of purity


​​​Berg + Schmidt

Functional Lipids, Phospholipids, and Smart Delivery Systems

Vegetable Alternative to Hyaluronic Acid

Botanical Alternatives

Gellifying system in a pure oil base

Complete line of vitamins


Cyclopentasiloxane Alternative

Dimethicone Alternative

Lanolin Alternative

​"Green" gellifying agent


Specialized in Skin Lipid Research focused on ceramides and phytosphingolipids.


naturally-derived specialties including anti-bacterials, emollients and proteins

Clinically proven to moisturize as well as Hyaluronic Acid  
Better than Hyaluronic Acid after 30 minutes
Tamarind Seed Extract

Essential Oils

​​Actives International

Actives compounds from botanical, marine and bio-fermentation sources


Arysta Health & Nutritional Sciences

Peptide, phytochemical, and fermentation active ingredients



Unique, natural oil high in Retinol and Omega Fatty Acids – the Amazon Gold


Product Lines

Most Popular Oils:

French Lavender Oil

Australian Tea Tree Oil

Roman Chamomile Oil

Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin C

Vitamin B

Water-soluble silicone

​​​​​​Caribbean Natural Products

​​Unique vegetable oils, butters, scrubs, and clays

Most Popular Essential Waters:

​Rose Water

​Coconut Water

Lavender Water

Orange Blossom Water

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SoluSil H20

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Platinum, silver, rose, white and yellow gold to 24 Karat; powders and flakes

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